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30 January, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Award-winning work with Ornatrix
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Spring Onion Studio created a series of outstanding commercials using Ornatrix and 3dsmax for feathers and fur. This award-winning set of very funny "Doncafe: Good Morning" commercials shows off top notch animation, rendering, and mastery of Ornatrix from the Serbian studio.





25 January, from Lucid Physics for 3dsmax
Lucid Physics is released
Lucid Physics for 3dsmax

After a year of development and beta testing Lucid Physics is available for immediate purchase. Lucid V1 brings a powerful yet simple multi-physics solution deeply integrated within 3ds Max.


Simulate fluids, solids, grains, cloth, ropes, gases, and soft bodies together in one integrated system driven by NVidia Flex technology. Running on the GPU Lucid produces results in an instant allowing easy interactive adjustments and manipulation of the simulation.

Try the free demonstration version today. We hope that you find it to enrich your work pipeline and, as such, we are introducing Lucid for a price of USD$199 per license for a limited time. Educational and volume discounts are available. Grab your copy today and start making splashes!

Get started and learn more about Lucid from our comprehensive documentation.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by replying to this email.

Lucid product page:

Facebook user group:

Sincerely yours,

Ephere Team

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Alessandro Baldasseroni, a great Italian character artist at Riot Games, created this awesome looking creature in his latest personal project: Swamp CreatureOrnatrix was used for all hair effects:


The characters model has separate hair emitters for hair, beard, eyebrows, and fur on the arms. A map was used to control the placement of the hairs in conjunction with other Ornatrix distribution parameters.

Alessandro: "A distribution map placed into the hair from guides modifiers for head hair, beard, and eyebrows played a crucial role to have a more natural hairlines and transitions with the skin."

Separate emitters

The hair stack consists of a number of parametrix operators used to apply various grooming to the hair.

Alessandro: "Combing is pretty straightforward: basic ornatrix combing tools, trying to get some distributed clumping with hair clustering and strand clustering modifiers".


V-Ray was used to create materials and render the hair. "Shader is VrayHairMtl with VrayHairInfoTex in each relevant slot."


The final beauty closeup:


Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Tiago Oliveira, a Brazilian artist with a very impressive portfolio, created this great render inspired by League of Legends concept art.

Close screenshot
Close screenshot

Intricate braiding and feathers were created using Ornatrix for 3dsmax.


The braids were first "sketched" using a polygon mesh to produce a rough shape. Then splines were extracted from the mesh and used as Ornatrix guides to generate the braided hair.

Feather were created using a variety Ornatrix hair styling tools.

Beauty shot

Ornatrix is an industry-leading hair, fur, and feathers solution for Autodesk 3dsmax. Refer to its product page for more information.

16 November 2015, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Ornatrix V4 is released
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

After more than 10 months of development and rigorous beta testing we are proud to present Ornatrix V4 for 3dsmax!


Our pipeline-friendly hair modeling, animation, and rendering software redefines the truly artist-friendly tool.

Set up character hair in minutes with intuitive placement and brushing controls. Play around with a set of procedural hair operators and presets to refine the style of your groom. Use our simulation tools which work tightly with 3dsmax animation pipeline to control the movement of hair. Finally, render out your masterpieces using your preferred rendering solution: Ornatrix supports all of them.

Version 4 brings better performance, improved brushing tools, updated dynamics, a new preset system, and a slew of other features to the table.

Ornatrix V4 Flyer

Here is the full change list from Ornatrix V3:

  • New: Ability to pan/zoom in a graph/curve editors
  • New: All graph/curve editors now support undo/redo
  • New: Mesh from strand billboard UVs now respects strand thickness
  • New: Rotation attribute data for hair
  • New: New Grooms feature (XML format for defining hair presets)
  • New: Added support for NURBS curves to Ox Guides from Shape modifier
  • New: Added option to ground strands modifier to control which strand components are affected
  • New: Deforming collision meshes are now supported in PhysX dynamics
  • New: Nearly all maps used in Ornatrix now have an invert option
  • New: Switched to new MSI based installers for easier distribution and deployment of Ornatrix
  • New: SDK and Maxscript access to Ornatrix version information
  • New: Multiple hairs per follicle using new Strand Multiplier modifier
  • New: Hair from Mesh Strips now allows "fanning" hairs perpendicular to strip surface
  • New: Show named selection sets for sub-object in Edit Guides
  • New: Installer now offers options to install for 3dsmax Design
  • New: Add support for varying hair strip parameters
  • New: All points in curve editors can be moved and deleted
  • New: Ability to specify install locations for specific components using new installer
  • New: Z-up, Y-up, or X-up orientation export for Alembic
  • New: Added an option for Alembic exporter to export render version of hairs
  • New: Added an option to export Alembic objects each to their own file
  • New: Allow user to specify the maximum number of hairs in viewport preview which face cameras
  • New: Converted all "Invert" map checkboxes into image buttons
  • New: Surface brushing performance and functionality is improved
  • New: GUI improvements with real-time feedback of brush strength and size in modify panel
  • New: Pull brush for straightening out hairs
  • New: Ability to lock surface brush through modify panel, without having to press Ctrl key
  • New: Added a label in EditGuidesModifier to show current guide selection
  • New: Improved performance of GroundStrandsModifier grounding
  • New: Icons for multiple Ornatrix operators
  • New: 3dsmax 2016 support
  • New: Quick hair button now adds VRayOrnatrixMod if renderer is V-Ray RT
  • New: Add ability for .oxgroom files to store and display a thumbnail
  • Fix: Flickering in root moving and grooming and bad root interpolation
  • Fix: Edit Spline not working with Adopt from Stack
  • Fix: Frizz not working as expected
  • Fix: Crash when creating then deleting Edit Guides root data
  • Fix: Proxy meshes are being deformed incorrectly
  • Fix: Frizz modifier amount map is not working as expected
  • Fix: Issues with gravity modifier. Lost curve after saving and loading scene
  • Fix: Index out of range after changing root count and using Edit Guides modifier
  • Fix: HairFromMeshStripsObject is not updated in the scene view with animated parameters
  • Fix: Strand propogation modifier freeze
  • Fix: Guides on spline crash
  • Fix: Edit gudies crash
  • Fix: Strip selection in Hair from mesh strips object is not updated correctly in Wireframe scene view
  • Fix: Symmetry modifier plane vector is not draw correctly in some positions
  • Fix: Length modifier randomize seed is not working
  • Fix: Failed asserting at Matrix::LookAt
  • Fix: Edit Guides loading error (binary I/O) and crash
  • Fix: Customer-reported issue with the new Strand Multiplier modifier
  • Fix: Hair clustering modifier produces different clusters in viewport on each run
  • Fix: Frizz diagram crash
  • Fix: "Hair from mesh strips" and "strand multiplier" GUI is gone
  • Fix: Edit Guides plant root crash reported by customer
  • Fix: Ornatrix Script Error on CAT bones
  • Fix: Crash rendering Mesh from Strands with V-Ray without UV coordinates
  • Fix: Ornatrix toolbar does not get installed
  • Fix: Alembic export crashes when trying to export multiple objects
  • Fix: Ornatrix HairLength map modifier broken
  • Fix: Error in GuideDelta when deleting roots in user-provided scene
  • Fix: Last point of hair clustering diagram is not editable
  • Fix: Issues with Edit Guides corruption on scene save
  • Fix: After recent merge Hair from Mesh Strips diagram broken again
  • Fix: VRay distance texture does not work with distribution maps
  • Fix: Detail modifier not smoothing interpolated strands
  • Fix: Dynamics diagram editor works very unreliable
  • Fix: Toolbar is not installed for non-English versions of Max
  • Fix: Crash when changing strand point count before ground strands modifier
  • Fix: Crash when ground strands distribution object is deleted and scene reloaded
  • Fix: Saving and re-loading Wikihuman "digital Emily" model does not preserve guides shape
  • Fix: Hair clustering modifier is not applied when rendering
  • Fix: If scene has two objects with same name Alembic export crashes
  • Fix: Install (copy) groom templates into /plugcfg/Ornatrix/Grooms
  • Fix: Ornatrix dynamics exception and inability to simulate
  • Fix: Crash with caching of hair from guides modifier used as guides for another hair from guides modifier
  • Fix: Installer does not install grooms into correct directory on some versions of 3dsmax
  • Fix: Alembic exporter does not export animation for guides with ground strands modifier
  • Fix: Icons in create groom dialog are not well aligned
  • Fix: Generate groom dialog GUI cleanup
  • Fix: Generate groom dialog switch to Qt
  • Fix: Implement groom dialog filters
  • Fix: Crash when undo after editing frizz diagram
  • Fix: Diagram modification undo is not work for Dynamic modifier
  • Fix: PropagationModifier diagrams do not render correctly
  • Fix: Curve diagram in hair from strips, strands multiplier not redrawing when panned
  • Fix: Installer throws an exception when trying to execute the AddToolbar action
  • Fix: Failed assert/crash probably from GroundStrandsModifier
  • Fix: Assertion failed if GroundStrandsModifier applied for mesh with degenerate triangle
  • Fix: Calling Logger::Instance.Log from different threads causes deadlock in Ornatrix for Max
  • Fix: Alembic hair export hair width incorrect when loaded with V-Ray proxy object
  • Fix: Groom dialog item names should use more friendly format
  • Fix: Generate toolbar icons from SVG files
  • Fix: Guide clustering modifier maps do not work
  • Fix: Replace ANN library with a more modern alternative
  • Fix: Installer only installs toolbar for first version it encounters
  • Fix: Mesh from strands produces noisy tips for flat proxy meshes
  • Fix: Add hair menu option in non-QT Max (2013 and below) does nothing
  • Fix: Installer problem when batch installing on network drives
  • Fix: Unwanted guides/hairs get planted when sub-selection option is on
  • Fix: Comb brush works incorrectly in orthographic views
  • Fix: Crash when opening our bat sample scene
  • Fix: Hair is always displayed black in Nitrous viewport
  • Fix: "View polygon hair" global setting does not survive 3dsmax restart
  • Fix: "Remember" button in Guides from Mesh Object does nothing
  • Fix: Rotate strands modifier does not use map and channel multipliers if orient based on strand is on
  • Fix: Rotate strands map does not produce real-time feedback when using color picker in medit
  • Fix: Push away from surface option in edit guides produces incorrect results
  • Fix: Viewport and render normals are facing the wrong way
  • Fix: Adding surface comb sink to a face and reducing mesh face count causes a crash
  • Fix: Crash adding Detail modifier on top of HairFromMeshStrips object
  • Fix: Crash when changing strand clustering twist value to a small value
  • Fix: Default feathers groom is not working
  • Fix: About box should indicate demonstration version somewhere
Ornatrix for Maya

The red haired guy

Serguei Krikalev has created this great looking character in Maya and used Ornatrix to model, style, and render the eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. V-Ray was used to render the whole scene thanks to its native support for Ornatrix. Let us quickly go over the hair creation process, but first the final look:


Hair base

Hair base and the character were first modeled separately. This can be done in a tool like Z-Brush, in Maya directly, or brought in from another modeling application.

Tut 1

Guide extraction

Next curves were extracted from the hair base mesh by using Maya's edge to curves conversion. The end result is a bunch of NURBS curves which can be used as guides in Ornatrix.


Scalp creation

Scalp mesh was then defined by extracting it from the head. The scalp mesh serves as the base object from which hairs will grow. It must just cover the areas where hair roots will be present. In the case of the red haired guy this is a small area around the curve "tips".

Scalp Creation

Quick hair setup

The Ornatrix Quick Hair button was then used from the shelf to create hair for the character. Multiple other operators were added to the hair stack to give hair its shape and clumpiness.

Hair stack


The eyebrows were defined by using shorter hairs which were brushed to give them their shape.



Eyelashes were defined in a similar way to the eyebrows.


Material setup

VRay material was configured to produce the shiny red hair in hypershade.

V-Ray Material

If you would like to know more information about Ornatrix for Maya or participate in beta testing please contact us.

23 July 2015, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Little spartan kid hair tutorial
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Little Spartan kid

"It's surprisingly easy to use!" - Jonfer Maia

About the artist: Jonfer Maia

Jonfer Maia is a very talented self-taught artist from Curitiba, Brazil. His work can be found on Behance website and his facebook page. Jonfer mainly specialises in cartooning, digital Art, and character Design. In this tutorial Jonfer will show you how he has done Little spartan kid's hair and cloth detail using Ephere Ornatrix .

Hair tutorial in 10 easy steps!
Hair tutorial

For this character I selected some of the faces I wanted the hair to grow from. I detached a few polygons as a new object to apply the Ornatrix modifier. I then added a "Ox strand Detail" with the default settings to have some smoother hairs.

Hair tutorial 2

With the hair modifier applied, I used the brush tool / Comb brush and the "cut brush" to stylize the hair the way I wanted.


In "Ox guides from surface" you can change the lenght of your hair on "guide parameters".You can also use the "Ornatrix strand Length" to do that which I did not need for this project.


Now it's time to use "Ox hair from guides". I kept "Random (area based) base distribution with the hair count in render as 1000 for each group I created. This part is a very experimental and you have to tweak these settings to get the amount of hair you want. Anything else here I kept as default.


For some hair groups I used the "Ox Strand Frizz"modifier with those settings just to get a very slight variation between some hairs. In "Outliers" I put a very small percentage of 0.04 and tweaked the frizz amount just to separate the hair a little bit. The hair style I wanted doesn't need much more than that so use those settings accordingly to your needs.


In "Ox Render Settings" I used a global radius of 0.02cm and changed the "spike" fallof from the root. That's it! Now it's time to apply some shader for this hair =D.


The hair shader is the "vrayhairmtl" with "Red shiny"preset and everything else as default. I "Unchecked" everything but "Use cached gi". Use Cached GI - this option is similar to the Use Irradiance Map option for the VRayMtl material; if it is disabled, the hair material will always be calculated with brute force GI. Chaos Group. Just select the hair group and click on "assign material to selection" to apply the shader.


For the eyebrows I have done the exact same thing as for the hair. I selected a polygon group to grow my hair from, I then cut and stylized it using the same brushes. I duplicated the shader in a new slot material and changed the primary specular settings a little bit. The "primary glossiness" with a smaller amount and also changed secondary specular color to make it darker. Select the eyebrows and apply the shader to it as we did for the hair.


As you can see in this image, I also used Ornatrix for the clothes. I only tweaked the hair length on "Ox guides from surface" modifier and changed the render count to 20.000 on "Ox hair from guides". That's you need to do in this part.


One last tip is to use Gi enabled with brute force as primary engine and Light cache for secondary engine. That way you get a nice quality in conjuction with a good render time.

That's it! Here is the final result with the render and some color correction in photoshop. I hope that helps you to get started using Ornatrix. Thanks!

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Noble Woman

"Ornatrix is hands-down the most powerful hair solution currently on the market for 3dsMax. It truly excels with its speed, great modifiers, spline and shader integration, plus flexibility with features like MassFX and cloth dynamics. It rocks!" - Francisco A. Cortina

About the artist: Francisco A. Cortina

Francisco A. Cortina has been a professional 3D artist in the Visual Effects and Animation industries since 1995. He has worked as both a production artist and supervisor with experience in Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Compositing. He was previously a Modeling Supervisor at Digital Domain, Character Technical Director at Dreamworks Animation and Senior 3D Artist and Animator at Square USA/Square-Enix.

In 2005 he began operating as an independent contractor and formed his company Cortina Digital, offering 3D character development, consulting and outsourcing services to companies in the VFX, Animation and Video Game industries.

Scope of work: hair
Scope of work

I was tasked by my client, Blur Studio, to create a variation of the "Pouf" hair style for Assassin"s Creed Unity. The hair style was made famous by the Queen of France in the 18th century, Marie Antoinette. To achieve such a challenging hairstyle, good planning of hair layers paired with clever use of procedural modifiers and hand-crafted spline guides were absolutely essential.

The first step after modeling the flower and pin decorations was to create a temporary hair "cap" from the head mesh. From this, an initial set of hair guides were generated and a quick groom pass using Ox Edit Guides "brush" hair combing was done. This was a great way to quickly define the overall shape of the hair style to match the reference imagery.


The next phase was to plan out the hair caps and where the major hair spline layers would be grown from. Due to the complexity and varying degrees of clumping, waviness, direction, etc., it was broken up into sections as follows: inner hair, rear hair, front hair, bangs, sideburns and dangly hair. Most styles also require an extra hair layer, that is separate from the rest, to control the stray or wild hairs that stick out.

To properly achieve a controlled hair flow, a combination of hand combed guides and hair + strand clusters, in addition to some slight curling was needed. Small textures were then used to delineate the hair zones and control the intensities of the clustering, curling, density, etc. Because the hair was also quite long and curled, it was important to have separate cluster controls for the root areas vs. the middle or ends of the hair. Having individual control over these elements was crucial in being able to achieve the look successfully.

Layer Descriptions
26 June 2015, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Hungarian History with Ornatrix
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Greenzero, a Hungarian studio with many talented artists, used Ornatrix extensively for character hair in their latest project: Hungarian History 3D stereoscopic documentary. Ornatrix significantly simplified the hair creation process and added to the realism of many character shots.

Large Collage

Greenzero Studio have also developed their own proprietary character setup and animation system codenamed Genezis. It incorporates Ornatrix and produces some stunning results which further speed up character set up and animation. Here we see Marilyn created with this system.


Genezis can also be used to create non-human characters complete with fur and body hair:


24 June 2015, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Ornatrix hair in great E3 trailers
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur Studio used Ornatrix in these three awesome trailers presented at this year's E3 conference:

Ornatrix hair

Dishonored 2 Trailer:


White Masks trailer:


Knights of the Fallen Empire: Sacrifice trailer:


27 March 2015, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Ornatrix in Angel Stone trailer
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur Studio used Ornatrix to create hair in this stunning trailer for Angel Stone game.

Angel Stone images using Ornatrix

Check out the full trailer below:

Ephere Inc.

Compression takes its toll and it is difficult to accurately gauge how work will hold up through the online distribution process.

Compression Preview allows you to ensure the best looking end product possible. Compress a frame range directly from within the After Effects timeline. Then tweak the parameters to combat unwanted artifacts, banding and color shifts with ease.

Ephere collaborated with Zero VFX and Noise Industries to bring this amazing new After Effects tool to market.

- Remove Artifacts
- Hide Banding
- Counter Color Shifts
- Mitigate compression problems in real-time
- Estimate final file size in AE
- Presets for popular video distribution: Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Give it a spin today!

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur Studio uses Ornatrix hair in yet another masterpiece cinematic for The Division. Ornatrix was used to create hair for all characters.

Large View

Check out this awesome trailer:

29 September 2014, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Ornatrix V3 is out!
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Ornatrix Version 3, our flagship digital hair, fur, and feather solution for 3ds Max is here!. After years of development, testing, and polishing we are happy to announce its immediate availability.

This exciting new version contains numerous new features and improvements like:

  • Realistic Nitrous in-viewport hair display
  • Robust hair modeling from polygonal mesh strips
  • Quick and easy to use toolbar
  • Many improvements to guide editing including new brushes, better combing experience, and better selection controls
  • Numerous additions and improvements to modifiers like surface comb, symmetry, length, and many others
  • Overall tuning of parametric hair modeling workflow, user interface, and integration within 3ds Max
  • Documentation rework including new tutorials, video content, and MaxScript/SDK reference
  • Significant new C++ and MaxScript SDK exposure to allow automation and extension of Ornatrix hair

Download a free demonstration version and give it a spin or watch many of the videos demonstrating the new features. Existing Ornatrix users receive a free upgrade if they have purchased Ornatrix V2 within the last 6 months. All other license owners will receive an automatic 50% discount until Novermber 1'st and 25% off thereafter.

If you would like to find out more or have an inquiry please contact us. Add Ornatrix to your production pipeline and see why the biggest 3ds Max studios use it to achieve cutting edge hair and fur effects.

Yours truly,

Ephere Team

19 August 2014, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Scanline VFX uses Ornatrix
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Scanline VFX used Ornatrix to create fur for a central ferret character in a German comedy Vaterfreuden. It has been great to work and collaborate with talented people at Scanline who can blend live action with CG so seamlessly.


The movie itself looks great, albeit it needs a translation for those of us who don't speak German. Check out the trailer:

8 August 2014, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Ornatrix used in Halo 2 trailer
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur Studio has used Ornatrix to create all hair and fur effects in the new Halo 2: Anniversary trailer. This is another great example of the power of Ornatrix in combination with great talent to create photorealistic hair and fur.

Halo 2 cinematic

Check out these stunning hair effects in the full trailer:

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur Studio never seizes to amaze, this time with a stunning cinematic for League of Legends: A New Dawn. They have used Ornatrix to create, render, and animate all character hair and fur in this 6 minute masterpiece.

League of legends

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the top class eye candy by top professionals created using some of the best tools in the industry.

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Join Ephere and a group of passionate 3ds Max enthusiasts for a beer and stimulating conversation. First drink is on us! Talk to Marsel Khadiyev or Michael McCarthy to get your drink ticket.

Then come visit us at Chaos Group booth on Siggraph show floor for live Ornatrix V3 presentations on August 12'th, 13'th, and 14'th.

Is your studio in Vancouver area? We would love to visit, chat, and show you all we have to offer. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

Siggraph get together, free drinks


Michael McCarthy walks us through the "Dorito" approach using Zookeeper in 3ds Max, step by step. Check out this cool new video tutorial!

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Random Control announced v3.0 beta of their Arion renderer, available immediately to all customers. We are happy to announce that Arion has full internal Ornatrix support. We continue to work closely with these awesome developers to make Arion renders ever furrier and hairier.

6 May 2014, from Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax
Meet us at this year's EUE!
Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

End user event is the coolest place to be come June. And we will be there! Come see Michael talk about hair rendering and nodal workflows with Ornatrix, Zookeeper, and VRay. We are proud to sponsor this year's EUE and we invite everyone to have a get together with us in Urtecht. Please let us know if you would like a private meeting.

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

The making of video from IXOR's newest Project "I" demonstrates their usage of Ornatrix to create some awesome hair effects. This stellar work includes dragons, fictional creatures, and flying elephants!

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Guys over at Plastic Wax have done an amazing job bringing this trailer to life while using Ornatrix to do the hair work. Check it out:

Ornatrix Hair for 3dsmax

Blur once again uses Ornatrix to generate all hair in their newest trailer for Elder Scrolls Online. Check it out:

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