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Spring Onion Studio created a series of outstanding commercials using Ornatrix and 3dsmax for feathers and fur. This award-winning set of very funny "Doncafe: Good Morning" commercials shows off top notch animation, rendering, and mastery of Ornatrix from the Serbian studio.

Check out more in our mini-article.

After a year of development and beta testing Lucid Physics is available for purchase. Lucid V1 brings a powerful and simple multi-physics solution deeply integrated within 3ds Max.

Simulate fluids, solids, grains, cloth, ropes, gases, and soft bodies together in one integrated system driven by NVidia Flex technology. Read more.

Alessandro Baldasseroni, a great Italian character artist at Riot Games, created this awesome looking creature in his latest personal project: Swamp Creature. Ornatrix was used for all hair effects.

Read more to see the break-down of this project as well as production screen shots.