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Jonfer Maia is a very talented self-taught artist from Curitiba, Brazil. His work can be found on Behance website and his facebook page. Jonfer mainly specialises in cartooning, digital Art, and character Design. In this tutorial Jonfer will show you how he has done Little spartan kid's hair and cloth detail using Ephere Ornatrix .

In this interview we explore how Blur Studio created the "Noblewoman" hair in Assasin's Creed: Unity cinematic. Hear about the process of using Ornatrix to do this straight from Francisco A. Cortina, one of the best hair TDs around!

Greenzero, a Hungarian studio with many talented artists, used Ornatrix extensively for character hair in their latest project: Hungarian History 3D stereoscopic documentary.

Read more about this project and other tools they used by clicking the link above.